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SGAMP-2 Reference Manual

SGAMP-2 Strain Gauge Amplifier - $50

SGAMP-2-VRG, with gain adjustment - $60

picture of SGAMP-2

The SGAMP-2 Strain Gauge/Load Cell Amplifier is a miniature printed circuit board assembly designed to amplify a load cell or strain gauges arranged in a full Wheatstone bridge configuration, and is suitable for many applications where a bridge or differential input amplifier is required.

Based on the Analog Devices AMP04 precision single supply instrumentation amplifier integrated circuit, it includes a 5 volt regulator to provide a stable 5 volt excitation voltage to a strain gauge bridge.

It features an extremely small size (1.1" by .7" by .4" thick), yet includes no surface mount components, thereby making it easy to modify for your application's gain and filtering requirements.

The SGAMP-2 is shipped with a Reference Manual complete with schematic diagram, and can be easily modified for your particular application.

The SGAMP-2 is a "Custom Order Product" and does not qualify for quantity discounts.

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