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Load Link Examples and Construction

China Lake load link

The Parks College Parachute Research Group link is machined from stainless steel and strain gauges are selected that match the temperature expansion of the particular material. The strain gauges used on this particular link are Micro-Measurements part number CEA-06-125UT-120. There are actually two strain gauges mounted at 90 degree angles on the same strain gauge "patch". A patch is mounted on both sides of the link and wired according to the diagram below. This arrangement of the strain gauges minimizes any output from twisting forces on the link and measures mostly expansion (pulling) forces.

The strain gauges have been mounted on the load link and small flexible wires have been soldered to the strain gauge pads. Silicone sealant has been used to keep the wires in place so that no stress is placed on the solder joints. The strain gauge wires have been connected to a securely mounted cable that exits the load link enclosure.

Industrologic load link

This Industrologic built link is also used by the PCPRG for scale model parachutes and for forces in the range of one hundred pounds. It is made from 1/16 inch thick and 1/2 inch wide aluminum and has holes for "Rapide" links. The strain gauges are Micro-Measurements part number CEA-13-125UT-350 which are designed for the temperature expansion of aluminum.

strain gauge/load link wiring

log file